Tyler Cobb

Chief Product Officer

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Tyler Cobb

Chief Product Officer

The deliberate path from engineering, to product management, technical marketing, strategic account management, and digital tech product management has developed highly transferable product and business intuition.

Skilled problem solver using combination of creative, analytical, and pragmatic mindsets. Approaches product innovation from a user-centered methodology.

Strengths lie in ideation, product management, product marketing, web-marketing, organization, UI/UX, attention to detail, business strategy, E-commerce, data analysis, and strategic marketing.

WHO is Tyler? Hard to describe completely, but here’s a glimpse into some of his interests:
- Love playing disc sports, specifically disc golf and ultimate frisbee
- Always curious and dedicated to daily learning
- Enjoys painting (acrylics and digital mediums). Overall appreciation for arts.
- Avid dog / animal lover
- Appreciation for outdoors and self-proclaimed explorer
- Reads a lot, mostly business books and articles of all varieties but if it’s fiction, it's almost always fantasy / sci-fi - Brandon Sanderson is a creative master of his trade!

Tyler graduated Magna Cum Laude from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a BS in Engineering Management.