This innovative coding education program is looking to take a slice of Silicon Valley to the rest of the world.

Talentmaker, one of the leading franchisees for theCoderSchool, sought our services to develop systems and processes to generate leads and increase their conversion rate.  The key in this scenario: to build systems and processes that would scale.  Talentmaker is built to be a multi-school operator (read more about them at

In today’s world, technology careers are rapidly expanding, and the demand for such skills is at an unprecedented level.  The intention is not to get every student to pursue a career in tech, however. The Coder School teaches life lessons through coding.  Based in Silicon Valley, The Coder School has reached students across the nation, recently coming to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

our approach:

We implemented a three-step process to launching this brand in the country’s fourth largest market:

1. Brand Awareness

Educating the market that coding is simply an expression of creativity.

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2. Brand Literacy

It came time for the Grand Opening of the second location in DFW...the MOUND OF FLOWERS--Flower Mound, Tx!

Leading up to the Grand Opening, we were fighting a significant enemy in the market of child development centers...Summer.  Summer is far and away the slowest time of the year for business such as theCoderSchool.  In light of this obstacle, we stepped up the promotion and conversion optimization efforts to deliver stellar results. 


3. Brand Fluency

At the end of the day...Coding is all about creativity.   Computers are a blank canvas for innovators of all ages.  The code is the paint that is used to paint masterpieces.  Coding isn't just for prodigies and savants.  It is for anybody with a computer and an imagination.

We had to get this message across.

Through the process of funnel optimization, we were able to identify pain points in the process, then lead execution on resolving these pain points so the operation can thrive.

Key Initiaves:

  • Identifying and optimizing target demographic
  • Leading the process of market education –> brand awareness –> product conversion
  • Driving creative campaigns based around a combination of video and graphics-based storytelling
  • Funnel optimization through key, specified online channels


  • 120%+ increase in inbound leads
  • 200%+ increase in lead conversion rate