Everyone has passions, but not everyone believes they can achieve them. However, with the help of Tarpley Marketing Group, MusicMaker brings dreams to everyday people. The leading franchisee for School of Rock, the world leader in music education, MusicMaker seeks to leverage their scale to grow a previously underserved market--adult music education. Instead of sitting students in a classroom teaching how to read notes and play Mary Had a Little Lamb, MusicMaker teaches students to play by getting them on real stages, playing real songs, as a real band.



There are two main demographics that are interested in the School of Rock adult program:

  1. Those who have never played an instrument, or used to play before life got in the way, and are therefore rather intimidated by the thought of pursuing it.

  2. Those who are looking for an outlet to pursue their passion with mutually passionate individuals.


We implemented a two-step process to delivering the right messages to these distinct groups.  For demographic 1, deliver the messaging in a way that:

  1. Calms their nerves, makes them feel warm and welcome, and makes them believe that it’s not too late to learn music.

  2. Convinces them that School of Rock is the place to learn.


For demographic 2, deliver the inverse:

  1. Convinces them that School of Rock is the place to learn...it’s not some Mickey Mouse club exclusively for kids...it is the world leader in music education.  A place for everything on up to serious musicians who care about pursuing their passions with other mutually passionate people.

  2. Incentivizes them to make the jump.

School of Rock - Adult Program - Revised AD 2 (1).png