Do you know where your meat comes from?

Thanks to Houston County Farms, we do.  And it's usually not good.  The owners of Houston County Farms saw the need for better quality, healthier, responsibly raised beef and pork in the market, and filled it.  We were fortunate enough to drive the go to market strategy and execution, and we continue to, in coordination with the proprietors, work to bring the vision to reality.

Selling Houston County Farms is about telling true stories.  Would you rather buy from a faceless corporation that injects meat with harmful additives and hormones, or a family business that maintains the highest standards in the raising and processing of livestock?  Would you rather have to deal with grocery store crowds, or have it delivered straight to your door?  Would you rather pay more or less?

This video sums it up:


Employing strategies in:

  • microcontent storytelling
  • paid acquisition and retargeting
  • digital drip campaigns, and
  • data & analytics optimization

we are able to educate, inform, excite, and engage audiences in a manner that is both relevant and timeless.

meet a few of the aforementioned farmers

these are all good questions...

Let's really drive these points home