Darbly Enterainment is a concert promotion and artist management company based in Houston, Texas.  Tarpley Marketing Group came into play around the time that Darbly got its biggest opportunity yet--to promote a show for one certified gold recording artist.

B.o.B: The Major Label rap superstar turned independent music industry entrepreneur, just released “Ether,” exploring his role in life and the music industry. As he travels the nation building his new image, he graced Houston with a performance on his “Elements” tour.  For B.o.B, Tarpley Marketing Group is utilizing:

  • Digital distribution

  • Social media microcontent and community management

  • Influencer marketing

  • Public Relations


Snapchat on demand "geofilters," run in specified "geofences" (see below)


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The B.o.B initiatives are a microcosm of the future of concert promotion; led by Darbly Entertainment.  In pursuit of creating a new framework and method of show promotion, ur goal is to develop a unique modern approach for show promotion which can then be adapted and implemented at any point in the future.  Such as with NBC's The Voice alum, Taylor Phelan:


By collaborating with local venues, radio personalities, and engaging social media creatively, we will engage the community in a way that will pique their interest, earn their attention, and convert them to paying customers (seem familiar?). In an age where anyone can be lost in the sea of talent, Tarpley Marketing Group is showing Houston that Darbly Entertainment artists will not drown.