Bikes and bugs

Good promotion is all about storytelling. If an organization has a strong driving force behind it, good marketing draws it out and displays it for the world. With Chris Nelson’s Bikes & Bugs fundraiser, Tarpley Marketing Group created a video campaign to bring that message to new audiences, and better articulate the story to those involved.

This is not your average nonprofit, though...  We don't recommend going unless you can handle 2.5 tons of crawfish, great music, and beautiful women.  As an all-day event featuring live music, literal tons of crawfish, raffles of his & her AR15 semi-automatic rifles, and a Harley Davidson, it might be easy to dismiss this event as just be a giant party.

However, “just a giant party” is a huge understatement and disservice to what Bikes & Bugs does: Over only a few years Bikes & Bugs has raised over half a million dollars for charity, raising more than $50,000 this year alone. Benefitting the Texas Epilepsy Foundation and Texas Adaptive Aquatics, Tarpley Marketing Group uses the passion and goodwill that drives Bikes and Bugs to success and translates it into a compelling story. Utilizing our video production talent, we bring forward testimony that shows how important supporting this cause can be--plus it shows that fundraising doesn’t have to be a somber affair.  It can--and should--be fun.