Marketing is
a science lab

Market(r) uses data science to build better marketing teams.


Marketing isn't about knowing things.

It's about knowing how to figure things out.

    What marketing is:
  • A science lab.
  • The conscience of the organization.
  • One of the few investments that can generate 5-50x returns.
    What marketing isn't:
  • Just advertising.
  • Ad hoc grenade launchers.
  • A line-item expense. Great marketing can transform your business.
Our ethos

There are too many hammer guys, not enough builders.

When you build a house, you don't go hire a "hammer guy." You hire the best builder, and you assume that they are able to use the necessary tools to build your dream home.

Today, it's easier than ever to buy a marketing hammer. Anyone can run Facebook and Google ads. Only a true marketer can grow your business.

Ultimately, we're an investment company. Clients give us dollars, and they expect a beat-the-market return on that investment. This is marketing. We are Market(r)s.

Tristan Tarpley

Founder, Managing Partner

Tyler Cobb

Chief Product Officer

Immanuel Ahiable

Creative Director

Mark Leary



    There are typically two options that growing companies have at their disposal when boosting their marketing:

  1. 1) Hiring an ad agency
  2. 2) Hiring in-house

We offer a third option — fractional marketing roles for companies who need more than an agency and want to stretch their budget further than hiring in-house allows.

By bringing full teams who work together day-in, day-out, led by a seasoned leader in each of the respective roles, we are able to offer premium value at a fraction of the cost of just one person.


We work with companies looking to hire any of these positions. If you don't see a position listed, reach out.

Chief Marketing Officer

Director of Marketing

Marketing Coordinator

Digital Marketing Manager

Creative Director

Marketing Analytics Manager



We are built on a fractional model. The beauty is, we can work in virtually whatever fraction necessary.

Fractional Services

  • As-needed services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Augment your team's resources
  • No charge on ad spend

Outsourced Leadership

  • Outsourced Leadership role
  • Leverage our full team's resources
  • Works with your c-suite level
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