Superpowers for marketers.

Market(r) is an app that continuously learns your business and industry and gives you CMO-level intelligence on growth with 1-click recommendations.

Free to start— no credit card required.

Cut through the noise.

There are a lot of things that have to go right for your online ads to be effective. Market(r) cuts through the noise with sophisticated models and AI.

TurboTax-style onboarding

10 minutes of your time is all that we need to get you your best marketing return possible.

Market(r) learns exactly how much to spend and where to spend it.

We take your answers, connect it with more data, shake it up in our machine learning engines, pour some love in it, and spit out pure confidence.

Know the value of your spend

Introducing: Profit Potential per $100 spent. Market(r)'s proprietary formula predicts how much return you will get from every ad, ad groups, campaign, and channel.

Talk to a human any time.

We're completely self-service...until you don't want us to be. You have a direct line of communication with our team in-app.

Online advertising for
SaaS and E-Commerce companies.

Use artificial intelligence to get more customers with Paid Ads

All it takes is to spend 10 minutes giving us some information, and your ads will be shown on all of the sites your customers go to.

The Market(r) Proven Process

1. Answer Some Questions

10 minutes is all it takes to give us all the information we need to get you the best possible ROI.

2. We tell you exactly how much to spend and where to spend it.

Your marketing budget is an investment portfolio. Our job is to get you the best return possible.

3. Get Regular Recommendations

Our marketing engine tells you exactly how to grow your company over time.

4. Offload Your Online Advertising (if you want)

Let us take this on so that you can focus on running your business.

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The results speak for themselves.

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  • Data integrations with 80+ platforms
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • Real-time recommendations on ad spend optimization.
  • Market(r) learns exactly how much you should spend and where to spend it.
Grow with Market(r)

$255/mo (+ ad spend)

  • 14 day free trial
  • Cancel anytime in-app with one click, without talking to anybody.
  • Includes 3 campaigns (the minimum necessary for our engines to get sufficient data). $85/month per campaign thereafter.

Custom pricing

  • Custom-tailored machine learning model, trained on your business's data.
  • Multiple conversion values
  • Multiple customer lifetime value tracking

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