marketing is a science lab.

Give us the lab coat.

Using data science to replace ad agencies for $1mm-30mm companies.

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Marketing isn't about knowing things.

It's about knowing how to figure things out.

What marketing is:

  • A science lab. A great marketer gets an idea, forms a hypothesis, executes a structured test, and iterates on the results.

  • The conscience of the organization. It is the barometer by which every market-facing decision is made.

  • One of the few investments that can generate 5-50x returns.

What marketing isn't:

  • Just advertising. Ads are a part of marketing, but they are only a subset. It is not even the most important element.

  • Ad hoc grenade launchers. Grenade marketing is the enemy of growth. This is the "hey, let me try this!" "hey, let me try that!" "throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks" frame of mind.

  • A line-item expense. Great marketing can transform your business.


there are Too many hammer guys, not enough builders. 

When you build a house, you don't go hire a "hammer guy."  You hire the best builder, and you assume that they are able to use the necessary tools to build your dream home.

Today, it's easier than ever to buy a marketing hammer.  Anyone can run Facebook and Google ads.  Only a true marketer can grow your business.

Ultimately, we're an investment company.  Clients give us dollars, and they expect a beat-the-market return on that investment. This is marketing. We are Market(r)s.

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How we help businesses grow.


We live at the intersection of strategic marketing, creativity, and data science.  Every client gets a team of creatives, analysts, writers, and coordinators led by a seasoned marketer.  Not only that, we use proprietary algorithms to more effectively crunch data, formulate tests, and make recommendations for us after we leave the office.

When you work with us, you don't get one overpriced executive who is too stretched to be effective.  Conversely, you don't get a bloated agency who spends most of their retainer on rent. 

We systemize and digitize the ordinary so that we can humanize the extraordinary.


Nobody will know your market better than us

We're never too busy.
• Fractional
• Infinitely scalable

We're marketers above all.

What our partners have to say:

“Tristan is one of the smartest people I've ever worked with. Very visionary and cares about relationships with all his stakeholders, especially those who do work for him. Would recommend to anybody to work with him if you get the chance.” — Current Client

“Market(r) is my go to for growing my business. They understand a guy like me who is extremely opinionated and a brand like mine where there really is a wrong way and a right way to tell the story. Ultimately though, the partnership is based on the fact that we all agree that the only thing that matters in the end is winning in the marketplace.” — Current Client

“Tristan’s energy is infectious and drives you to your best.” — Current Employee


Still unsure?  Let’s chat. We don’t bite.  

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Our Team

Tristan Tarpley - Founder, Managing Partner

Explained by his insatiable curiosity and pragmatic nonconformism, defined by his passion for life, Tristan’s unique experiences have brought him to the intersection of marketing, technology, and innovation. A musician by background and entrepreneur by DNA, the combination of Tristan’s proven marketing process and competitive spirit has helped companies in such industries as education, professional services, technology, law, music, real estate, and outdoors.

After working in entrepreneurial roles for growing companies and starting a marketing consulting practice, Tristan became frustrated with the fragmentation and rising costs and complexity in the marketing industry. The growing disdane for traditional marketing agencies and consultants and his indefinite optimism for the positive impact technology offers prompted him to take on the mission of replacing ad agencies with data science over the next decade.

In addition, Tristan is a diehard Michigan Wolverines and Dallas Cowboys fan (he knows it's a weird combo) and is best friends with his hound dog, Rutherford.

Tristan is a proud college dropout who learned how to grow businesses by growing businesses.

Tyler Cobb - Chief Product Officer

The deliberate path from engineering, to product management, technical marketing, strategic account management, and digital tech product management has developed highly transferable product and business intuition. 

Skilled problem solver using combination of creative, analytical, and pragmatic mindsets. Approaches product innovation from a user-centered methodology.

Strengths lie in ideation, product management, product marketing, web-marketing, organization, UI/UX, attention to detail, business strategy, E-commerce, data analysis, and strategic marketing. 

WHO is Tyler? Hard to describe completely, but here’s a glimpse into some of his interests:
- Love playing disc sports, specifically disc golf and ultimate frisbee
- Always curious and dedicated to daily learning
- Enjoys painting (acrylics and digital mediums). Overall appreciation for arts.
- Avid dog / animal lover
- Appreciation for outdoors and self-proclaimed explorer
- Reads a lot, mostly business books and articles of all varieties but if it’s fiction, it's almost always fantasy / sci-fi - Brandon Sanderson is a creative master of his trade!

Tyler graduated Magna Cum Laude from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a BS in Engineering Management.

Immanuel Ahiable - Creative Director

Ghanaian Born, Houston-based Visual Artist, Immanuel Ahiable, combines diverse experiences with his art by offering unique creative solutions. Coming from a street art background, Immanuel is more than what meets the eye. He wears several hats including but not limited to Photographer/Videographer but also a skilled Painter, Poet, and *fill in the blank*.

“Regardless of what pieces of the puzzle may be missing; my job isn’t to know everything but to creatively find a solution with what's available. That is what I do creatively. I foster magic from mediocrity. I focus on capturing the essence and value of people's stories. My core value is the belief that the story is more important than best practices. Since the creative process may look different than the practical theory, I understand what it takes to figure it out and in the end not just make something new, but make it new again.”

Lifelong friends, Immanuel was a key influence in Tristan's decision to drop out of college to pursue his passions.

Chris Tarpley - Advisor

Chris has a distinguished career as a business builder at small and large companies such as Kohler Co., Enerpac, Greenlee Textron, YSI, DICKEY-john and Calvary Church.  He has led and integrated more than 10 acquisitions totaling more than $200MM in sales.

As a marketing professional, he led the development, production and marketing of hundreds of highly-engineered products.  This combination of operations and financial experience provides him a valuable understanding of the drivers of cash flow and company value.

He has a BBA from Texas Christian University and an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Mark Leary - Advisor

My story is just like many entrepreneurs.  I started and grew my business as much as I could. Then I lost control.  I started fighting to find the missing Tip, Trick or Silver Bullet I needed to finally let the company’s growth explode.   After 7 long years I was frustrated and burnt out.  I wondered if I had lost the passion that I once had for the business I had created.  Then I figured it out.  I had been thinking about it all wrong.  What I finally learned helped me eventually sell the business. Then I was asked to run the growth strategy for the company who bought mine where we tripled the revenue in less than three years. What I found was:

1. Every business needs a system to run.  There is a way.  There is a manual.  Use what is proven to work and only spend your energy on figuring out how to win.

2. Every business needs a visionary and an integrator.  I am a textbook visionary, which means that I face all of the challenges that come with visionary characters.  I need someone to help me execute and get things done.  I also needed to learn that is okay.

3. Vision without traction is a daydream; traction without vision is mediocrity.  With vision and traction, the business achieves health and glory! In other words, the business is set up to win. That’s my story.  If you're willing, I'd love to hear yours.

Mark holds a BAAS from University of North Texas.